Buying Waterfront Property in Fall

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We as home buyers always think that Spring and Summer is the perfect time to buy.  That may be true, but when it comes to waterfront property - the fall offers some unique perks.  

1) Off season may mean less competition and more inventory to choose from.  Buyer's often think about waterfront property when the weather turns warm.  Think about it - so does everyone else.  Statistics show that 39% of lakefront homes sell between the months of September and December.  Use this strategy to your advantage and use the off season to view property without the competition.

2) Off season may mean that you can actually get into the property to view it.  Here on the Crystal Coast - turn days are Saturday & Sunday for a limited number of hours.  In the off season waterfront vacation homes are easy to see as the summer is peak season.  Plus you are able to view the property at a different time of year that may give you a better perspective on what to expect year round.

3) More time to get the place ready for Summer.  If you purchase a waterfront property in the off season that gives you more time to get the property ready for the summer months!

Owning a waterfront investment property is a wonderful thing.  We can help you make that dream come true.  Thinking about putting the property on the rental market?  We offer professional hosting services on AirBNB as well as VRBO.  Leave the key's with us here on the Crystal Coast!